The story of how I started my chiropractic journey by falling off a Wendy’s sign

he ended up my career was a, um uh, restaurant manager, fast food restaurant manager. I know, I know. I didn’t know that you did not see. Well, there you go. I was a fast food restaurant manager and there was a Wendy’s. There is a Wendy’s on South Dixie Highway in Miami on 100 and 88 I think, And I was working there and I had a I sent my couple of the guys that were working for me, uh, told him to change the special, and they couldn’t do a good job. So I had to. I said, Well, if you if you want to do anything, you have to do it yourself. So I went up there and I fell off that sign and I landed and I think my ribs were out of place and I couldn’t breathe. And I remember The first thing is like I take me to the emergency room, something’s going on. I’m dying here and one of the girls that work for me, she’s like, Well, there’s a chiropractor right around the corner from you and he might be able to see I’m like, I don’t care. Just send me just take me somewhere. And it was an old old guy and he worked on me. And, you know, I’m like, this is this is really weird. This is, You know, this is just different than what I’m used to. And I You know, I fell in love with that guy. I fell in love with my chiropractor because he would tell me things about my body that I had no idea. And I remember one day, and I I I always get emotional when I when I when I tell this story. Mm. Because I was I was sitting there watching him work and thinking to myself, I’m like, That would be the coolest job in the world. I wish I could do that. And, um see, I’m even shaking Idea. That’s what I’m saying. That this is probably a good place to start. Um, and I remember hearing outside of my my own head. Why don’t you know I’m like, Why don’t you I’m like, Okay? It scared the heck out of me. Oh, my God. What was that? I never experienced anything like that. And and I didn’t say anything. I was very quiet and I walked out, and in those days you had to go to the library. If you wanted to get any information that was known, that’s how old I am. You know, that’s that’s you have that. You have to. You have to go to the library to to get to do some research. And I went to the library. I research on on chiropractic schools, and I wrote to several schools and I remember writing like Okay, which is the closest to Miami, which is the closest school, and I was Okay, let’s write that one. And I had heard I have to write to the one in in Iowa and I hope that that’s that sounds horrible. That sounds so cold. But I I still wrote them and I think one in the West Coast, because I had always wanted to go to the West Coast. Um, and the first one that wrote back was Life, and I I scheduled a tour and I went I went on the tour and it was it was amazing. Uh, and I remember I still remember I get chills. I remember going on a fall of crisp fall day, and it was it was just just being there just changed my life. It was so beautiful. I remember. I think we started around the same time. It’s just it was a beautiful Isn’t the weather, everything? It it was perfect. And it was like such a I needed it that that kind of a change because, you know, and I didn’t know it at the time, but I was pretty miserable in my life. And I needed something. And I was in a you know, it was a bad relationship, and I was in, you know, I was not in a good place in my life. And, you know, I always say, Thank God I fell off that sign, because where would I be if I, you know, if I hadn’t found chiropractic or or chiropractic? Haven’t I mean so that’s it? Yeah, that’s a great story again. Most of the times when we have something that could be perceived as horrible is our biggest blessing. And and they’re you glad you fell of the sign And it I got a change your life. And apparently you have changed the lives of so many because I already saw in a few minutes we’ve been live